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To anyone who seen the recent popular post about a game called Foldit. This is why you should avoid it.

Recently I seen a post that reached front page talking about a science related game called foldit. I really liked the idea and downloaded it.

But around 10-15 minutes after opening it, I started to see people in the Chat system of the "Game" was getting angry with the mods.

I decided to check and if anyone said they did not like the game, or anything about the website, devs or mods, they would have they're IP Posted into the chat for all to see.

To verify if a mod was actually doing it, i asked "Hey are you really a mod, trigger(Mod's name)" To which I got "Goodbye RoflJason". I was then banned from using the site and chat.

So I decided to submit a feedback outlining my issues, I was not rude and just tried to get help on the situation. The email I got in response confused me, since this was supposed to be a professional thing.

Image of email

If you dont want to look at, the Dev/Mod "BootsMcGraw" Decided to call me an idiot for submitting feedback, and confirms I was banned.

I suggest staying away from this, as I am sure the mods posted my IP into the chat after I was banned.


One of the other dev/mods responded to the post (assuming because of how big this post got ) + Proof mod posted ip in chat via DEV verified.

I think and hope they will handle it properly, This is the reply I got from them, even though I don't agree with a bit of it. Still voice your opinion. It doesn't hurt.


Wow ! Did not expect this to be my first post to hit /r/all, and to think it only took 3 years!

I want to update this and include this information from user Theory5

Guess what? Call them directly! This research is done via the University of Washington.

To quote:

We can be reached at or at (206) 616-2660. If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact a member of the University of Washingtonā€™s Human Subjects Division at (206) 543-0098. Please note that emails are considered insecure and privacy is not guaranteed. 

Furthermore, at the bottom of the page:

Supported by: UW Center for Game Science, UW Department of Computer Science and Engineering, UW Baker Lab, DARPA, NSF, HHMI, Microsoft, and Adobe

So, it sounds like the University doesn't know how their mods are acting. This can be rectified very very quickly given the number of eyes and the weight of their supporters.

And if you are too lazy for THAT, you can submit feedback via this:

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I saw Denzel Washington on the street today.

I said "Hey Denzel! Can I get a picture with you?" And he's all like "I'm not Denzel Washington you racist piece of shit." Classic Denzel.

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