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[AMA Request] Ellen Pao; Current Reddit CEO

My 5 Questions:

  1. What do you intend to do to rectify the recent happenings?

  2. What direction do you intend to now take with Reddit as a whole entity?

  3. What was the motivation behind the sacking of Victoria?

  4. How do you intend to fill the job that she did and how will you work to fix what damage has been done?

  5. With the community threatening to leave (and already starting to) how do you intend to make us trust you and the rest of the Admins again? And how are you going to prove it to us?

Edit: Further discussion:

We haven't had a chance to hear your side of the story. You have stayed pretty silent since the news broke. The community is currently sinking with pitchforks in hand yet you stand by and watch from a distance. This isn't helping you case so we need explanations.

We've had people come forward telling us how wonderful Victoria was. And people come forward and tell use how hard it was to work with you. (Current AMA going on with a former Reddit employee and you firing him)

You need to answer questions and you need to explain yourself before you become a dinosaur to be left alone.

For Information on the whole ordeal look here:

AMA Request for the beloved Victoria is here:

This AMA request has had some weird things happen to it. The post dropped 14k upvotes without the % of upvotes changing. (Edit: 3k upvotes just disappeared)


Edit: Post was taken down by Mods because of lack of contact info. I've added the Twitter and her Reddit account. Anyone with any other contact info private message me it and I'll add it to the list. They've now un-hidden my post (Thanks to /u/flyryan)

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