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Transformation(M/22/SW:366lbs CW:190lbs) From morbid obesity to US Marine.

So about 2 and half to 3 years ago I weighed about 366lbs. It sucked. I had been fat my entire life and always wanted to change it. I wanted to change because for one its unhealthy to be that size. I had zero confidence. I wanted to be in the military and one day be a police officer or firefighter/paramedic but I wasn't going to get there being fat. There are plenty of reasons I can rattle off for my obesity but it all comes down to laziness and ignorance to nutrition.

So 2.5 years ago my uncle got me into lifting (forcefully lol). We'd lift almost everyday after I got up around 3pm (I worked 3rd shift). We'd lift for a few hours and before I knew it I had to get ready for work soon. So I had only a small window of time to eat and chill out versus waking up and eating/chilling all day then going to work. A month went by and I finally weighed myself. I lost 6 pounds and figured to myself that I might as well keep this up... and that's what happened. I found out about calorie counting which made my progress even better and taught me how to eat (I honestly had zero clue about the whole energy in vs energy out stuff). Then I found reddit and r/fitness and took in lots of info from here and just applied all the basics from the FAQ + other things, 2.5 years go by and boom! I'm fit enough to go to recruit training so I do, and I accomplish a huge goal!

Thats all I can think to write right now so feel free to ask questions!

edit: I'm 5'11 btw, forgot to put it in the title.

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