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TIFU by accidentally making a school-wide keyboard shortcut

This year my school is adopting 1:1 technology usage. Every student gets an iPad to take home and use for school purposes. Our story starts last year:

When our school was deciding whether or not to give take-home technology to the students, they had some grades pilot the 1:1. My grade was chosen, half of us tested out iPads and half of us tested out Chrome Books, I being selected to test out iPads. About halfway into the year, I played a prank on my friend by setting a keyboard shortcut to the word "intercourse" whenever you type in the word "no". Strangely, he didn't notice for a long time, but when he did notice, he didn't change it back.

Now our story continues to this year:

The school didn't have us reset our iPads at the end of the year, they only made us remove our accounts. The school board made the decision to keep using iPads, and abandon the Chrome Books. This year, when everyone now has an iPad.

And now onto the real FU:

Pranking my friend was alright, as he's a cool guy and didn't care. Remember how the school didn't have us reset our iPads? Well somehow, my friend's iPad's settings were moved onto half the other iPads. A kid was submitting an assignment and the words "I have no questions." turned into "I have intercourse questions.". The school board thought that this was a one-time prank, and left it alone. After some digging I've found at least 40 iPads, including my own have this short-cut.

TL;DR: I pranked a friend by making a keyboard short-cut to the word "intercourse" on his school assigned iPad. Now almost half the kids have said short-cut inside their iPads.

Edit#1: Some clarification, I removed the shortcut from my iPad, and my friends, but that didn't make a difference in everyone else that has this shortcut.

Edit#2: Wow that upvote count just gets higher and higher at every refresh.

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