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LPT: If your kids are sick and throwing up, and it is bedtime, give them a barf bucket and put a glow stick in it. That way it will be easier for them to find in the middle of the night.

Edit 1: Wow! Some interesting responses. The ones that really surprised me I can only attribute to either my wording, different social norms, or different parenting philosophies. I didn't think this needed a back-story, but I guess I was wrong:

My wife called me at work informing me of terrible cramping and flu-like symptoms. I left work immediately as we have three kids under five-years old. My wife was in the bathroom for hours and the kids were lethargic and ill as well. Without warning, one kid would throw-up, then the other, then the other. This went on throughout the afternoon and evening. When it got late, I tucked them in bed and made sure their tummies weren't upset (but, just as with the rest of the day while they were throwing-up, they told me they were fine). I gave them each a barf bucket in case they woke and immediately needed to throw up. As they are all under five, the use of the barf bucket was hit-or-miss... mostly miss; and neither one gave any warning of puke, it just rushed out of them. My kids don't like night lights - they complain they are too bright. I wanted them to be able to have the barf bucket just-in-case. So I thought to put a glow stick in their bucket so it would give them something to help find the bucket - plus they really liked the idea and felt it was special/cool. Just thought I'd share my idea.

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