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TIFU by letting my friend's chihuahua dog get eaten by my python snake

Before reading this I warn any dog lovers, this is horrible.

This has to be the worst fuck up of my life. About 6 months ago when I had a python snake as a pet, my friend from Copenhagen came over to Jylland (I should probably say that I live in Denmark). She has been a good friend of mine since we met in college, but we had started to see each others less and less, so I was very excited when she finally could come over. She is married and has two kids, and back when this happened, still a chihuahua dog. She had brought her dog with her, since her husband was allergic and disliked it. Now, she knew I had a snake, but she seemed to had forgotten, at least we didn't talk about it. I forgot to tell her that I let it out in the living room; I often let it out. It had been sleeping under my sofa for a couple of days. I met her at the train station, and we then went for a cup of coffee before heading back to my house. We had a great time, and it was getting late. The train ride is roughly three hours, so she was going to sleep over and head home in the morning. Before getting ready to go to bed, she was going to feed her dog. Oh my god, her stupid dog. It was gone. The door had been open most of the evening, but I was almost certain it hadn't ran out, as we would probably have noticed it. She was concerned that it had left the house, I had other concerns however. I fed my python rats, and I would never have imagined it eating a dog, but I had this horrible feeling.. As she was looking around the house for her dog, I was looking for my snake. It was no longer under my sofa. I went to look in my bedroom, then my bathroom. It enjoyed sleeping in my bathroom from time to time, as the floor has heating. I found it on the floor under the shower, and to my horror it had clearly fed on something chihuahua sized. While standing there looking at this, and at the same time hearing my friend call for her dog, was enough to make me panic. Without thinking I quickly closed the shower curtains, and told my friend that it had probably ran out. I even let her use my bathroom with the snake right behind the shower curtains, enjoying her poor dog as a meal. When she left the next day she asked me to call her if her dog showed up, needless to say, I never did. I never told her what really happened. I'm not even sure if I should.

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There are 2 people on a boat…

There are two people on a boat; they have three cigarettes. However, they don't have a lighter. What do they do?

They throw a cigarette overboard and the whole boat became a cigarette lighter!

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