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TIFU by believing pickles were a thing for 14 years

Yes, I know pickles are edible entities that exist. Let me explain.

I'm in the airport with my mom, returning from Hong Kong, and we're both starving. While I find us seats in the food court, she buys two #3s from a curry place.

The food is pretty amazing for the airport. I'm almost done chowing down, when I notice a little white cup to the side filled with chunks of a solid green vegetable. They were sliced into cubes, so I couldn't identify them at a glance, and I wasn't about to risk putting strange veggies into my mouth (especially since it was some kind of Japanese-Indian fusion food).

"Hey mom, what are these?""

"Huh? Oh, those are pickles."

"Oh, okay. I thought they might've been cucumbers."

"Yeah, so you were right."

"...Wait, what?"

At this point, my mom stares at me blankly. "Yeah. They are cucumbers. Pickled cucumbers."

Note that I love raw cucumbers and hate pickles with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. I reply in this hopelessly confused tone: "But you said they were pickles."

"They are pickles. Pickles are pickled cucumbers."

Oh, so now she's just messing with me! Everybody knows pickles are a separate breed of vegetables! Like, really? This woman tryin' to gimme the lowdown on pickles? Ha! How silly! I'll prove 'er wrong!

I say something along the lines of, "You're kidding me, right? Pickles are a whole other plant. There are pickle farms, and there are cucumber farms." She's just shaking her head, looking a little mystified, so I proceed to tell her well they taste completely different so how can they be the same?

I whip out my phone to prove her wrong...

and end up feeling like an utter moron.

I'm 110% sure the tables around us were listening in.

tl;dr: my mother no longer thinks i'm a gifted child.


Edit #2: My very own reddit gold :') Can't thank you enough! And I'm glad all these folks are learning about the Secret Origin of Pickles.

Narration by Cyae1 (whoa, thanks dude):

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What's the Most Impressive Dish even an Idiot Can Cook for a Girl He Lied To About Being a Chef?

Let's say you have a girl coming over for dinner, but you lied to her about taking cooking lessons etc... if you don't know a damn thing about cooking, what's an easy but impressive dish even a moron could make?

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