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LPT: always remember that one huge sign of an intelligent mind is a student mentality.

I see a lot of narcissism on reddit, especially regarding intelligence. I see posts with (usually) young people complaining about how they're so much smarter than everyone around them, or how it's unfair that they have to deal with idiots, etc... I want to remind everyone that this type of mentality only demonstrates that you're narcissistic, not intelligent. Truly intelligent people maintain a "student mentality" throughout their life, as they know that there is something that they can learn from everyone. You'll miss a lot of lessons and opportunities if you go through the years thinking that you're more intelligent than everyone else, and therefore you don't have to listen to them.

*Thank you for the gold!

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TIFU by nonstop farting on an airplane for 6 hours

Technically yesterday I fucked up, but whatever.

To set the scene, I was flying back from a business trip to France the morning after a long night of vaguely business-related drinking. I arrived at Charles de Gaulle at an absolutely unholy hour of the morning and got ready to board my flight and return to the USA. I was miserably hung over and stopped in an airport restaurant for some breakfast.

Somehow, my still-half-drunk mind decided it would be a good idea to get eggs benedict and a Duvel. A word to the wise: never under any circumstances eat airport eggs benedict. If for some incomprehensible reason you must eat airport eggs benedict, don't wash them down with an early-morning beer.

As I staggered onto the plane a bit later, my stomach started churning pretty aggressively. I found my seat, grunted a hello to the cheery-looking French family sitting next to me/on my row, and settled in with noise-cancelling headphones and some music.

A little ways into the flight, my stomach turned traitor completely. Taking a shit in an airplane bathroom is one of the more miserable things in the world, so I resigned myself to a transatlantic journey's worth of intestinal discomfort. Then the farts started coming. One, then another, then another, unrelenting waves trying to fight through a bottleneck; the gaseous equivalent of the Persians at Thermopylae.

I kept them silent, but they kept coming. I felt for the rest of the plane, smelling these horrid drunk airport eggs benedict farts. At least, I thought, they wouldn't know it was me. It went on like this for the entire flight, a 6-hour parade of vile but silent farts every 10 or 15 seconds. Then we started the landing.

I started to let out a fart as an announcement came over the PA. I pulled off my headphones to listen. Suddenly, to my horror, as I pulled off the noise-cancelling headphones the "silent" fart turned seat-shakingly loud. I put the pieces together and shrank deeper and deeper into my seat as I did. holy shit... that means... the entire flight... oh fuck no

I slunk out of that airplane without making eye contact with a single soul.

TLDR: Made questionable food choices and released what I thought were silent hangover farts to an entire airplane for 6 hours because I forgot my noise-cancelling headphones cancelled noise.

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