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Reddit, if every bullet ever shot left a permanent trail through the air where it's flight path was, where would be the most interesting place to see or the most interesting thing to come from it?

Edit: To clarify, I imagine the flight paths would look similar to a laser pointer through fog. Not necessarily bright red, but transparent or at least semi-transparent so as to be visible without totally obstructing one's vision.

You are welcome to suggest additions to the trails that would kick this hypothetical up a notch, like bullets that hit a person would have blue trails, versus bullets just shot being gray. You can add a way for the trails to be dated so that we could see how long they've been around.

Edit 2: Didn't want to get too specific but the question has come up numerous times. I initially meant bullets to mean bullets from guns such as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, etc. You are welcome to discuss what would happen if trails followed the trajectory of bombs and missiles and cannons and shells fired from naval ships because I like what it adds to the conversation.

Additionally, the trails are left relative to the earth's surface. So they start above the earth where the person was standing and the gun was fired and end where the bullet stopped flying, be that because it hit a person, building, the ground, what have you. You can walk through them, they are a permanent fixture but they are the consistency of the air around them. I really don't know that I want to get more specific into the scientific possibility of how it would work, this being a hypothetical and all.

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