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TIFU by torturing a plane full of people

As with all good fuck ups, this didn't happen today. It happened yesterday. I am a twenty year old female, and it was my first flight alone. I have flown before, but always sandwiched between a squalling baby brother and a fidgety little sister. Meanwhile, my parents would sit in the row ahead, never looking back, as they try to simultaneously ignore us and pretend the pint sized Asian circus is not their creation

Yesterday was a toss up. Instead of siblings, I was sandwiched between an elderly, married man, and an elderly businesswoman as we hurtled in the sky towards San Francisco. The man read his book and the woman fiddled with a pen.

I have an old Nintendo Gameboy color, and Pokemon Crystal. The save file is corrupted, but I decided to see how far I could get in the upcoming 3.5 hours. Being a considerate chair neighbor, I pulled out my earbuds and plugged them into the bottom hole thing. I turn on the game and then slowly increase the volume. It's odd, I'd thought the music would be louder as the classic Pokemon music can be almost piercing on full volume, but i shrugged it off. It is an old Gameboy, after all. Cue the classic Pokemon music and the dramatic fight scene segments.

A little while into the game, I'm level seven with my chickorita, but my neighbors seem distressed. The man kept glancing up and me and glaring; his fingers drummed against the book he was so gently holding minutes ago. Maybe an hour in, Businesswoman looks irritated. She cast a glance at me and kept readjusting in her plasticky seat, so I sent her an empathetic "this flight sucks, I know the seats are uncomfortable" look.

Two hours in, and I was conquering the game. EV training meant I was battling frequently with the classic "dodododododododo bu bum bu du bum bum" music. The music still wasn't playing too loudly, but that was fine. I was starting to get sick of the repetitive music. . I rolled the music down to zero and went to unplug my earbuds. It wasn't fully plugged in.

My stomach plummeted and I could feel a flush rising. Dear God, OldMan and Businesswoman must hate me. I sank into my seat and tried not to look at them. 2 hours. Two hours they and the whole plane had to hear me play Pokemon. There is no way to apologize. The only solution was to feign sleep for an hour.

TL;DR: I unwittingly shoved nostalgia down the ears of an airplane full of people for two hours straight

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