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my best friend playfully pushed me into a pool at my bachelorette party and now IAMA quadriplegic known as "the paralyzed bride" and a new mom! AMA!

My short bio: My name is Rachelle Friedman and in 2010 I was playfully pushed into a pool by my best friend at my bachelorette party. I went in head first and sustained a c6 spinal cord injury and I am now a quadriplegic. Since that time I have been married, played wheelchair rugby, surfed (adapted), blogged for Huffington Post, written a best selling book, and most recently I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl through surrogacy! I've been featured on the Today Show, HLN, Vh1, Katie Couric and in People, Cosmo, In Touch and Women's Heath magazine.

I will also be featured in a one hour special documenting my life as a quadriplegic, wife, and new mom that will air this year on TLC!

AMA about my life, my book, what it's like to be a mom with quadriplegia or whatever else you can come up with.

Read my story at Twitter: @followrachelle Facebook: Huffington Post blogs I've written: Book link: My Proof:

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Reddit, What lesser known Apps can't you live without?

Yeah we know you are addicted to Snapchat and Facebook but what less common apps do you find yourself using day in and day out? What are the apps that are hard to discover that are really worth it when you do!

It can be for iOS, Android - heck even Windows Phone or Blackberry if you swing that way! I don't judge!

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