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TIFU by using my police handcuffs on a girl while having sex

I handcuffed her in the front. After we were done I threw her the key and went into the kitchen. I came back and she said she couldn't open them. I saw the key in the lock and just thought it was an awkward angle to turn for her since she was cuffed.


I tried to turn the key and it was stuck, I tried to turn it more and the tooth broke off.

SHIT. I don't have an extra key.

Okay. Starting to worry now. I YouTube how to pick handcuffs.

I try for an hour using one of her Bobby pins. No success.


The next step was trying to drill out the key hole hoping the mechanism would fail. It didn't.


We're on the 3rd hour. I can't call the fire department, I'm a firefighter on the fire department!!

Que going to Walmart at 3AM and buying bolt cutters. I'm not leaving her alone cuffed and she can't put a shirt on, I spot a Scooby doo blanket and tie it around her.

Surely these will work?

The cutting of the chain was easy.

I tried to cut off one of the handcuffs and struggled for about 5 minutes before getting it cut off.


Oh no.

The bolt cutter blades seemed to have came out of alignment. Every time I would try to cut the handcuff it would twist, obviously hurting her.

I tried cutting different spots to no avail, until I finally cut along the hinge where it finally separated.



By popular demand, a picture of me during the whole situation.

and her

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