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A lady goes to the doctor for help with her sex life...

Doctor: Give your husband viagra.

Lady: I can't, he hates pills.

Doctor: Just put it in his coffee.

Next week she returns, unhappy.

Doctor: Was it good?

Lady: It was the worst sex I ever had. He had a few sips of coffee, then he pushed everything off the table and fucked me on it right then and there.

Doctor: Well, then what's wrong?

Lady: I'll never be able to show my face at Starbucks again.

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Science AMA Series: I’m Gregory Weiss, UC Irvine molecular chemist. My lab figured out how to "unboil" egg whites and worked on "pee-on-a-stick" home cancer test. AMA!

I recently published the article on “unboiling eggs” that describes refolding proteins in the eggs with Colin Raston (Flinder U.), and also published articles describing “listening” to individual proteins using a nanometer-scale microphone with Phil Collins (UC Irvine). I wrote the first comprehensive textbook in my field (chemical biology), and am fascinated by the organic chemistry underlying life’s mysteries. I’m also a former competitive cyclist, forced to switch sports after three bad accidents in one year, the most recent occurring just a few months ago.

My research strategy is simple. My lab invents new methods using tools from chemistry that allow us to explore previously inaccessible areas of biology. The tool used to “unboil an egg” illustrates this approach, as it gives us access to proteins useful for diagnostics and therapeutics. I have co-founded a cancer diagnostics company with collaborator, Prof. Reg Penner, and am passionate about building bridges between scientists in developed and developing countries. Towards this goal, I co-founded the Global Young Academy and served as Co-Chair during its first two years.

A recently popular post on reddit about our discovery:

A direct link to the story for the lazy.

I'll be back later to answer your questions, ask me anything!

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