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TIFU by trying to drink a Capri Sun in my car

So this morning on my way out the door to work I grabbed a Capri Sun and a granola bar for the drive. There I was, in my new Toyota, happily opening the drink's little straw. Life was good. When suddenly -- disaster struck.

My morning flashed before my eyes as the straw slipped from the wrapper. I fumbled with it briefly in the air before watching, helpless, as it tumbled down, down into the crack that leads into the dark abyss beneath the driver's seat.

I tentatively followed the straw into the chasm with my hand, but, alas, the damage was done. My ruined fruit juice sat on the seat for the rest of the drive. Mocking me.

TL;DR - If anyone wants a strawless Capri Sun, it's all yours... sniffle.

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