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IamA quadriplegic who plays Diablo, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and other games while streaming on Twitch. You may have seen my video from last week. My name is Ken, ask me anything!

My short bio:

Hey guys! My name is Ken and last week a video my son made of me hit the front page. Twenty years ago I was injured at work and left a quadriplegic. I fell into gaming shortly after with Diablo and other Blizzard games, and now I stream on Twitch. Feel free to ask me anything about my injury, games or anything else.

My Proof:

I have my two sons here with me. Chriz, (aka Firztaid on Twitch) who got me up and streaming to begin with, and Jordan (aka Dexeh_ on Twitch) who made the video that got all over the internet. They are both mods of my stream chat.

My Twitch stream can be found here:

Thank you for the questions everyone! I'll try to be back to answer more (it died down) and I'll be back on Twitch streaming some more today.

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