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What tasty food would be distusting if eaten over rice?

I'm doing a taste test today. I will be taking a lot of the suggestions, and eating them over rice. I'll give a rate of the food itself, and then a rate of it over rice. Make sure to be creative, I have lots of rice!

Edit: The store is a few steps from my house so I'm able to just walk out my house to get food every once in a while.

Edit2: For anyone wondering, I'm eating pretty much 2-3 bite portions just as a test. I'm pretty full but I think I can keep going.

Edit3: Disgusting* oops. Anyways thanks for all of your suggestions, keep em coming!

Edit4: Guys I'm thankful for all of your suggestions, I'm just flooded with notifications and I forget, please stop yelling at me it's hurting my feelings.

MEGAEDIT: I am now out of rice, this was for sure a fun experience. I hope you all enjoyed this!

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