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LPT: In a car accident? Put your things in the glove compartment.

I was with my mom and brother driving back from my father's house. We were on a major 4-lane road in the city on our way home to the suburbs. But a car hit us, at fast highway speeds, from behind, causing us to swerve and spin out and hit the wall. It was scary, but we're all safe. A couple other people pulled over to see if we were alright, and this really nice guy offered us water and told us to stay in the car for a minute. But he told us to hide our electronics and things (my mom had a tablet connected to the radio to automatically play her music) in the glove compartment. We were too shaken to refuse. Later when the police arrived, they checked the car, looking for any possible reason it may have been our fault. If they found anything, they would have assumed we were distracted, even though we weren't. This nice guy saved us a lot of trouble, and they were able to sooner tow our car and start looking for the guy who hit us.

EDIT: Before I get accused of encouraging people to text more or smuggle drugs or something again, /u/cingalls put it best:

Guilty people think of hiding evidence on their own. It's the people who have done nothing wrong who don't realize they need to protect themselves from wrong assumptions.

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