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Domo Animation Challenge Winners Announced!
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I'm actor RJ Mitte AKA Walt "Flynn" Junior from Breaking Bad. Ask me anything!

Hi, I’m actor and model RJ Mitte. I played Walt Junior in Breaking Bad.

When I was three I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy but it’s never held me back. I’m here in the UK today with disability charity Scope where I’ve been talking to young Brits with disabilities about how I started my career. (photos here)

I want to challenge attitudes about people with disabilities and encourage the UK TV industry to be more diverse.

I'll be here to answer your questions from 4:30pm GMT (11:30am EST).

Ask me anything!


** Update **

Thank you all so much for your questions. So sorry I couldn't get to all of you. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed what I was able to do. If you want to continue, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - @RJMitte. Thank you all so much. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

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LPT: Instead of saying 'yeah you told me' when someone repeats a story, say 'yes, I remember this.'

It comes across as caring enough to remember, as opposed to being bored with the other person's story.

Edit: This doesn't mean you should lie if you don't remember/care (which is half of the replies in my inbox). This obviously applies to people whom you actually give a shit about, not that guy at work who tells you the same thing seven times a week or whatever.

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