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TIFU by taking a screenshot of a snapchat that wasn't meant for me

So this FU just happened about 20 minutes ago. I'm 21 (M) and i've known this girl (20) for about 5 years now, and we've been pretty good friends since then. We've never had a romantic history, as we've always just seen one another as friends, but admittedly, she's gorgeous. 5'10", blonde hair, model type, really.

So about 20 minutes ago, I get a snap from her, and I opened it right away. To my delight and shock, it was a full-blown, balls-to-the-wall shot of her bent right over, on her knees, mirror selfie. Hands down, one of the most perfectly shaped backsides I've ever seen. Thinking quickly, and coming to terms with the finite time I had to gaze upon this smooth, magnificent anatomical work of art, I find it wise to take a screen shot. Mistake. Mind you, this happened within about 2 seconds of opening the snap.

As soon as I finish taking the screenshot, I get a flood of texts from her, pleading me to not open that, that it wasn't meant for me, that I shouldn't see what it is, etc. It occurred to me then, that it hadn't occurred to me that it may not have been for me. The texts stopped as abruptly as they began, as I assumed she got the screenshot notification. Still awaiting the aftermath, but yeah. In the most glorious and serendipitous way, I FU.

edit: woo! front page!! *Also, update: I talked with her, and of course I deleted the image entirely. Didn't back it up or anything. She's a sweet girl and is really embarrassed, and I couldn't keep it with good conscious. I told her I'd never bring this up again and she's actually being pretty cool about it, no awkward feelings.

edit 2: Nice! Popped my gold cherry too! Thank you kind stranger!

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