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TIFU by digging a hole to China.

This actually happened years ago when i was in 1st grade, however I just remembered it while reading another post and decided to share it with whoever gives a fuck.

So in first grade some friends and I decided to dig a hole to china. We couldn't let any of the teachers know our evil plan, however, so we decided to hide the hole when we were not working on it. We first dug under the home plate on the baseball field, yet we soon found out the hole was too wide to hide under the plate everyday.

(We had been digging this hole for the better part of a week now so it was getting pretty big).

So we made a basket-net out of sticks and leaves and put some of the dirt over it to hide the hole. It was actually a pretty good job too, because evidently about a week later when the baseball team came out to warm-up by running laps around the plates, someone fell into our pit of death and broke their leg, and as they fell down in pain also broke their arm. They also had several sticks we had used to cover the pit stuck in their leg.

Needless to say we didn't tell anyone that we dug the hole, and it is now our fault that Benson Hill Elementary school doesn't allow anyone to go onto the baseball field during recess.

TL;DR- Dug a hole to china, accidentally created a punji-pit, broke someones arm and leg while impaling them with sticks.

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