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We’re the Guardian reporters behind The Counted, a project to chronicle every person killed by police in the US. We're here to answer your questions about police and social justice in America. AUA.


We’re Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, and Jamiles Lartey, reporters for The Guardian covering policing and social justice.

A couple months ago, we launched a project called The Counted ( to chronicle every person killed by police in the US in 2015 – with the internet’s help. Since the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO nearly a year ago— it’s become abundantly clear that the data kept by the federal government on police killings is inadequate. This project is intended to help fill some of that void, and give people a transparent and comprehensive database for looking at the issue of fatal police violence.

The Counted has just reached its halfway point. By our count the number of people killed by police in the US this has reached 545 as of June 29, 2015 and is on track to hit 1,100 by year’s end. Here’s some of what we’ve learned so far:

You can read some more of our work for The Counted here:

And if you want to help us keep count, send tips about police killings in 2015 to, follow on Twitter @TheCounted, or join the Facebook community

We are here to answer your questions about policing and police killings in America, social justice and The Counted project. Ask away.

UPDATE at 11.32am: Thank you so much for all your questions. We really enjoyed discussing this with you. This is all the time we have at the moment but we will try to return later today to tackle some more of your questions.

UPDATE 2 at 11.43: OK, there are actually more questions piling up, so we are jumping back on in shifts to continue the discussion. Keep the questions coming.

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