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IamA Human Guinea Pig Getting the Newest Ebola Vaccine AMA!

There's a lot of down time waiting for the vaccine to get here, and then I'll be under observation for 3 hours after so I figured "why not."

I just got the vaccine at 8:58am EST.

I have been supplementing my income by participating as a healthy volunteer for studies at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD over the last year. I started doing fMRI studies with the NIMH. I've gotten more adventurous lately and managed to get accepted into this fairly high profile study. I am the 13th human to receive this particular vaccine of the first 20-person cohort and the 3rd to receive the highest dose.

Here is a report that mentions this exact study..

My Proof

Update 1: just got my vitals checked and the bandaid pulled. I'm still normal and that bandaid was the worst pain I've experienced all day.

Update 2: goodbye inbox and thanks for the gold! I learned about how to keep my diary and have to report symptoms based on their scale of "mild, moderate, or severe" where mild isn't enough to mess with my day-to-day, but severe is "incapacitating." I can report the latter after I get treatment.

Update 3: I've been released back into the general population. Still no symptoms. I have to go to work now, but I'll be back after 8 or so my time. I also got some sweet swag that I'll post when I get home. Thank you all for my Reddit glory!

Update 4: I vanished from the front page after my last update and think I know the problem but don't know why. Oh well. Hopefully this fixes it.

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