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TIFU by accidentally getting my best friends girlfriend to break up with him when I, as a prank, edited his "masturbation log" Excel doc that she forced him to maintain.

For the past 6 months, my best friend has maintained an Excel doc on his laptop to keep track of every time he masturbated. He did this at the insistence of his girlfriend.

When he confided this to me I couldn't believe it. But apparently 7 months prior she had caught him masturbating in his kitchen (which is weird I know) and got very angry and disturbed. She insisted that he keep a log of every time he masturbated.

So for 6 months he's had an Excel doc listing every time he masturbates. It had the following columns: Date, Time, Location, What I Masturbated To (if online pornography, he had to include a hyperlink to the video), and Notes.

So the other day my friend left his laptop open. He left, went out to get beer. I saw the Excel logo on the bottom of his screen and I wondered if it was his legendary Masturbation Log. It was. I had to peek!

Then I go the idea to prank him. I knew his girlfriend reviewed the log at the end of every week. So I scrolled up a bit to make some edits to his entries from a few days ago, to make it look like he masturbated to some weird ass shit.

Here are a few of the entries I inserted:

What I Masturbated To: Your friend Ashley's facebook album of her at that beach in Mexico. (Included a URL for the album.) Notes: She's very sexy. I imagine her often when we make love.

What I Masturbated To: Youtube video of a mouse caught in a glue trap. (Included url to vid) Notes: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

What I Masturbated To: Imagined what it would be like to have sex with a pig in a factory farm. Notes: First time fantasizing about beastiality, I am into it.

What I Masturbated To: (Just a link to a gay porn video, something with "Cock" in the title) Notes: Very nice.

And a few more things like that. Saved the doc.

So I thought it was a pretty funny prank. Well...turns out he never noticed the entries, she saw them, and she 100% thought that he entered them. Apparently she absolutely refused to believe somebody pranked him and she was completely disgusted. Crying and shouting, I hear. She thinks he's a complete pervo.

She broke up with him.

My friend is furious. But he has no idea it was me who did it. He constantly leaves his laptop open, he has a lot of people over, the entries were from earlier in the week.

I don't think he suspects me. But he's really angry and also down in the dumps about it. His now ex-girlfriend told her friends about his "sick fetishes" and obviously the rumors are starting to spread.

I want to admit it was a prank, but I won't. I feel so awful.

I am thinking of sending an anonymous email to her telling her it was a prank, but not revealing my identity.

TL;DR - TIFU by accidentally getting my best friends girlfriend to break up with him when I, as a prank, edited his "masturbation log" Excel doc that she forced him to maintain.

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