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Overweight to fit... Mom bod edition!

Two years ago, photo on the left, I was my heaviest. 162 lbs.

I began running and and a little lifting. I lost 12 lbs in 5 months.

Since that time I remained a steady 148lbs while increasing strength and working towards general badassery.

I ran stronglifts 5x5 for a year and moved to a Westside style template.

I've competed in a power lifting comp. I can bench 135, squat 235, and dead lift 225. I'm strong. I've learned to love my body and be confident.

I began my cut at the end of March. Roughly 8 wks in and I'm down 7 lbs from when I started. Currently at 1600 cals with P 35%/ F 35%/ C 30% break down. I follow IIFYM with mostly whole foods, and also cupcakes.

Today I'm 143lbs, and in the best shape of my life.

Edit: Ok, going to try and handle all the questions-

I'm 5'4".

I hit my heaviest right before getting pregnant, and worked out a bit after giving birth. My "aha moment" was that photo on the left, taken near my daughters 2nd birthday. Though it took several months for me to take action. I was 30 then, I am 32 now.

The first 12 lbs lost was not in the smartest way, 1200 calories with no regard for macros. I also trained for a 5 and 10k at this time.

During maintenance/growth I ranged from 1900 to 2100 calories. Protein usually around 130g, fat usually around 70g, and the carbs move around the most.

I'm losing fat right now on the 1600, P 35%/ F 35%/ C 30% break down. I do cardio twice a week, 15 minutes hiit on the spin bike, and 20 minute intervals on the step mill the other day. I lift 4 days a week. Have lost 7 lbs this way in 8 weeks.

Strength on cut: My max efforts just aren't there, but I'm trying to make up for it in my work sets. My bench work sets have gone up, while I am unable to hit my max. Squat is remaining the same. Deadlift has been shaky as I've been dealing with a few injuries recently and I'm not in a hurry to max out.

I loved 5x5. It's really so easy to follow. You modify for girls just as Mehdi says (going up less weight for upper lifts each session). Get that form down! Start with the bar, go up in small increments.

Advice for training fiance: the same as you. Encourage her that lifting heavy will not make her big. It's all based on genetics as well as body fat.

Belly- belly skin: How bellies go back after kids is all based on genetics. I have a couple faint stretch marks, and if I suck in really tight, you can see loose skin just around the belly button. I really got off easy. Sometimes the only solution is surgery :(

Thank you all for your kind comments, and for the amusing ones.

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