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If you were 6 inches tall, you wouldn't have any financial problems whatsoever. (hear me out)

a box of cheezits would last you for months and maybe you could find some guy to make you a little house with working gas and electricity. You could probably work in a call center or any job that doesn't involve manual labor. You could probably be a motivational speaker. Either way you could make minimum wage. You'd get benefits for being disabled. And when you're making like 30-40 K a year and your Yearly expenses come out to like 500$ you'd have a lot of money leftover. You could be a tiny millionaire. You could retire within like 3 years of working and Have someone design a tiny ferarri for you or a tiny helicopter or a tiny jet ski to ride in your tiny pool. You could get your own tiny private island. Everything would be perfect. And you'd be adorable. But eventually you'd get kinda lonely with all of these tiny posessions and no other tiny people to share them with. And it's not like someone can just make you a tiny wife. It would be kinda sad. You'd commission for an entire tiny town to be built, to see if maybe that would ease the pain. But you just walk the empty streets feeling the pain of solitude. God I'm so high.

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