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We are The Gig City (Chattanooga, TN) - The city that is "terrifying big telecom" with our 600 sq. mile gigabit fiber grid. Mayor and network CEO here - Ask Us Anything!

Yesterday, a Business Insider article about us striking fear into the hearts of big telecom hit the front page. Although most people know about Google Fiber, many people don't know that we've had a fully functional, 600 sq. mile gigabit grid live since 2010.


The Gig City has become a hotbed of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology investment - with a damn strong quality of life to boot. On Tuesday, we just wrapped up GIGTANK, the world's first gigabit startup accelerator, and we're getting fired up about our local Maker Faire, held in mid-October. There's a palpable energy here, and we're proud of what we've accomplished - but we're just getting started!


Here is some more information that you might be interested in:


This AMA is being powered by:

  • Andy Berke, Mayor of Chattanooga
  • Harold DePriest, CEO of EPB (and a brilliant engineer, to boot)
  • (Bijan Dhanani, local entrepreneur helping moderate the AMA)


We will start answering questions around 1pm EDT - Ask Us Anything!

Edit: Thanks guys! This was awesome! Mayor Berke and Harold DePriest really enjoyed this. If you would like to connect outside of this thread, shoot us an email at We look forward to talking to you!

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Friend in coma looking for a way to get in touch with The Offspring (serious only)

Hey I am a twenty eight year old guy from Delaware who was supposed to go to The Offspring show tomorrow in Philadelphia with a childhood friend. He convinced me it was a good idea to go since they were playing the entire album smash and we had grown up on it. We have been friends since we were six and the album smash came out when we were eight. We grew up on the album, I remember listening to it pretty much every time we hung out until we were at least 14.

Last Friday however by his house my friend was tboned by another car and is now in a coma and might not live. We had talked about going to a show together for years, but our tastes in music had diverged like they often can and life got in the way at some point.

I am writing this because I would like to try to get in contact with someone who knows The Offspring and maybe get a signed tshirt or copy of smash. I know it is a long shot, but I have seen reddit do great things in my time of mostly lurking. He is an amazing guy and when he wakes up I would like him to wake up to even though he missed the show he was not forgotten.

Any help would be appreciated. Best regards RRmuttonchop

Edit one. Wow! Just wow! I am a bit overwhelmed at the support right here and how quickly this was noticed. Thank you all for taking an interest. I just sent Dexter a message and am waiting to hear back. I am kind of at a loss for words at what else to say.

Edit two. I also am still going to the show.

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