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Domo Animation Challenge Winners Announced!
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What's your favorite movie that's on Netflix?

I'm bored and want to watch a movie, let's hear what you've got!

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I'm Sir Mix-A-Lot, Artist, Producer, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Car Nut. AMA.

I'm a guy that does a lot of music that makes you look at your body in a different way, yeah... the quintessential "ass man." You can visit me on my official site and on Twitter @TheRealMix and instagram @TheRealSirMixALot (somebody stole @TheRealMix, those bastards), and if you type in "Sir Mix-A-Lot" you'll find me on Facebook.

Victoria's gonna be helping me out today over the phone. AMA.


UPDATE: Basically, well I'd love to come back and do this again. I love my questions open and candid. And I'm not too pretty for ya, so anytime you want to talk, let's do it.

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