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I am Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, why don't you come at me?

Hi guys. We are getting ready to do our second year of the MST3K Turkey Day Revival ( We had over 100,000 people tune in last year - it was a big success - so thank you for your support and we are happy to be bringing it back again this year.

A quick refresher for those who may not know what MST3K Turkey Day is: we will be streaming MST3K classics starting at 9 AM PST / 12 noon ET on Thanksgiving day on our official site, It is free and a better alternative than watching football.

Go ahead and AMA. Victoria's helping me get started.

EDIT this is so much fun, thank you. I'm so happy we get to do Turkey Day again, it's going to be a lot of fun. See you guys Thursday:

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Some atoms have gone 13.8 billion years only to learn that their purpose in this universe is to be manufactured into a dildo to be shoved up someone's asshole.

Not mine, though.

edit: this was meant to be a silly, humorous post! I'm well aware of the scientific inaccuracies made in my statement. To save you from your typing, here's some of the responses proving my statement as false:

1) The atoms would have gone through stellar nucleosynthesis so technically the atom doesn't exist any longer

2) The universe is only 3000 years old (The amount of people's panties that are getting into a bunch from this comment alone is astounding. I put 13.8B in the title, people)

3) atoms can't learn

4) this is only a blink of the eye for the atom; it has not reached its final purpose yet (Oh sure, so you get to personify the atom by saying it has eyes to blink, but I can't say they have the ability to learn!)

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