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Terry Crews (back again on reddit). AMA!

I play “Sgt. Terry Jeffords” on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, host syndicated game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire," AND host The World's Funniest Fails airing Fridays at 8/7c on FOX...

That is a lot. Let's just say: I'm Terry Crews. Actor, host, currently in the airport doing this AMA. Victoria's helping me out via phone. AMA!

Edit Yeah, you know what? I wanna say - I want to thank you for being FRIENDS. Because fans, they know your successes.

But friends know your failures.

So I want to thank the people who've read my book, the people who follow me on Twitter, the people who just discovered me, and just want to let you know that I'm no different than any other person out there. I hope I can encourage you to go for your dream, no matter what it is, and if you can look at me and be inspired, I want to inspire me.

I love you all. You are talking to the most thankful man in Hollywood. Thank you so much.

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ELI5: Why are tobacco companies not allowed to produce flavored cigarettes because it is "advertising to minors" but alcohol companies can make flavors like birthday cake when it is known that more teenagers abuse alcohol than cigarettes?

Edit for clarification: I did not expect to get this much attention on this question but I see a lot of you are asking for proof on higher alcohol use than tobacco in teens so here you go -

I also see many of you are saying there are flavored cigarettes and are referring to cigarillos. NOT what im talking about.

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