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I am a 92 year old woman, I retired just a couple of years ago, I’ve seen a lot, and I’m here with grandson, AMA.

I’m with my great grandmother here, and I was thinking about asking her some questions on video, and I have seen some great AMAs of elderly people so I was hoping I could come on here and maybe get some help with some interview questions.

I plan on taping the interview as best as I can and hopefully try to tape as I go. Helen, at the age of 90 just retired, she had worked on her sons farm, (my grandfather) doing work such as sorting dry beans, picking out the rocks and split beans, and making wreaths in the winter. Helen was married for to Frank until he passed in the early to mid 2000’s I believe, I will get the numbers once she is back. (she will be with me in just a couple minutes, hopefully we can get the questions rolling a little bit first)

Gram, (or Helen) is as sharp as a tack, and has a pretty good sense of humor, and hopefully you guys will have some good questions. I’ll probably post an update regardless if this gets any attention. I’ll try to answer the questions in her words as best as I can. Thanks!

EDIT: I respectfully request you don't ask anything too inappropriate or anything that you wouldn't want to ask your great grandmother.

EDIT: 12:24 this has kind of turned into a prolonged story telling session, so i am trying to squeeze in some questions as i go, especially where they are relevant. doing my best. Thanks for the interest!

EDIT: Hey everyone, this hasn't gone exactly as i thought, so i apologize, i was hoping for more questions, but she gets derailed on other stories (partially due to my grandparents who are here with me) so sorry about that. the video is kind of different but if anyone has any interest maybe i can upload a video of my great grandmother story telling for an hour or so. sorry if it hasn't worked out as you expected. we are getting ready for thanksgiving now, so i will have to probably wish you farewell, i will try to post some updates but i'll probably be slowing down, Gram and i say thanks! sorry i didn't get to as many as i had hoped, but now we're getting ready for an early thanksgiving dinner. Thanks everyone, happy thanksgiving!

Anyways here is some proof:

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