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Science AMA Series: Ask Your Questions About Ebola.

Ebola has been in the news a lot lately, but the recent news of a case of it in Dallas has alarmed many people.

The short version is: Everything will be fine, healthcare systems in the USA are more than capable of dealing with Ebola, there is no threat to the public.

That being said, after discussions with the verified users of /r/science, we would like to open up to questions about Ebola and infectious diseases.

Please consider donations to Doctors Without Borders to help fight Ebola, it is a serious humanitarian crisis that is drastically underfunded. (Yes, I donated myself.)

Here is the ebola fact sheet from the World Health Organization:

Post your questions for knowledgeable medical doctors and biologists to answer.

If you have expertise in the area, please verify your credentials with the mods and get appropriate flair before answering questions.

Also, you may read the Science AMA from Dr. Stephen Morse on the Epidemiology of Ebola

as well as the numerous questions submitted to /r/AskScience on the subject:

Epidemiologists of Reddit, with the spread of the ebola virus past quarantine borders in Africa, how worried should we be about a potential pandemic?

Why are (nearly) all ebola outbreaks in African countries?

Why is Ebola not as contagious as, say, influenza if it is present in saliva, therefore coughs and sneezes ?

Why is Ebola so lethal? Does it have the potential to wipe out a significant population of the planet?

How long can Ebola live outside of a host?

Also, from /r/IAmA: I work for Doctors Without Borders - ask me anything about Ebola.

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