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TIFU by Redditing on the toilet.

Reddit, I love you and all, but you made me fuck up bad. I've been a lurker for quite some time, but I've got nothing else to do and I figured this story was too good to pass up.

The story:

I work in an older office building, and occasionally have to answer the calls of mother nature. Pooing at work wasn't great until to weeks ago when I finally got a smartphone. I started browsing Reddit on the can as soon as I got it, and at work I retreat to the hidden restroom stall in my building to do the deed. It's private there and I've spent upwards of 20 mins redditing when I was supposed to be working.

Today was a little different. The last few nights I've been caught up in watching Scrubs on Netflix and haven't gotten much sleep. So today when I went for my "End of Shift Poo" I drowsed off a little while redditing. I finally woke up when a janitor (custodian or whatever is PC) came in to "clean." He knocked on the door and asked if anyone was still in here. Of course, too embarrassed to say I had been sleeping on the toilet for hours, I quietly hid in my stall. He immediately left without cleaning the place, I guess because it didn't have much traffic. I waited about five minutes to leave, got up, washed my hands, and tried to leave.

To my surprise, the door was locked. Apparently since my office building is really old and the bathroom I'm in wasn't always a bathroom the door had a lock on it that has to be locked daily. I've tried everything, I'm on T-mobile so as you can imagine, there's no service. I've sent out some emails to my boss and maintenance ... but who checks their email after work anyway.

So now all I have is Reddit to entertain me until someone unlocks the door.

EDIT 1: I appreciate people trying to help. As you can imagine I don't want to many people to know about this so I'd like to avoid the fire dept or police. I also know I'll be free tomorrow so its not like its a big rush.

Also, I don't have the phone number of any one with access so that's out. I don't want the police or anyone involved.

EDIT 2: I'm going to try making calls see where it gets me. I'll call the building, maybe some coworkers.

EDIT 3: I'm working on 26% battery, I charged it before I left my desk. I'm fighting with imgur on my phone but I promise pics ASAP. I'm working on plans for sleeping. I've got some snacks in my bag.

Here's the lock. Pretty standard stuff:

The view from my throne(I'm still not comfortable with an open stall door):

Hopefully the last edit: I finally called the building. I had to call 6 times before a security guard picked up. He's on his way. Thanks everyone for the support!

UPDATE: Finally got out. The security guard was not as happy to see me as was him. He escorted me out of the building and I'm GOING THE FUCK HOME. I might do an AMA to explain everything if people are really that interested. I can't imagine they will be. So goodnight Reddit, thanks for being here with me. Maybe I won't have to work tomorrow.

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