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Nudist redditors, how often are erections in your communities, and how are they treated by others?

I feel like if I went to a nudist beach, I would just be wandering around with a boner and freak out all of the women.

EDIT: I didnt put a serious tag because I'm cool with jokes, but if you're gonna make a joke, try to make it about nudist beaches, not just out-of-context boner gags.

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ELI5: why does breast cancer awareness receive more marketing/funding/awareness than prostate cancer? 1 in 2 men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime.

Only 12% of women (~1 in 8) will develop invasive breast cancer.

Compare that to men (65+ years): 6 in 10 will develop prostate cancer (60%). This is actually higher than I originally figured.

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I am Rob Zombie, writer and director of 31. Let's do this again. Ask Me Anything!

Hey I'm Rob Zombie and I'm crowd funding my new movie 31 over at Ask me anything!

Back from dinner and ready to Rampart some more questions!

My Proof:

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