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TIFU by mishearing my little sister.

Okay, so this was not today, but years ago. When I was in 4th grade, my little sister (in 1st grade) had to do a show-and-tell on what their favorite fruit was, and present it to both my class and hers at once. My class had to be there to give my sister's class experience in presenting to their peers or something, I am not sure. I was unaware my class would watch her class's presentation until the day of.

The day before the presentation, my little sister asked me "what is my favorite fruit?" And, thinking she said "food", I said "well, you sure love ham a lot”. Day of the show-and-tell, her classmates are presenting their favorite fruits in front of all of us. I realize, "oh no...she said 'FRUIT', not 'food' yesterday". She was in line to the front of the class with a proud look on her face, not realizing the impending doom.

She gets to the front of the room and holds up a fucking slice of ham in a little ziplock baggie. She states confidently “ My favorite fruit is HAM!” The entirety of my class and her's laughed in her face. The teacher had to explain to her that ham is not a fruit while I was silently shaking with laughter. I couldn’t make eye contact with my sister for a few days after that. She still brings it up to this day.

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