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Here's a video I made to help you do PUSH UPS properly

I posted this on /r/bodyweightfitness and people loved it, so I'm sharing it with you fittitors as well since it's an exercise that can be done by anyone, anywhere!

I show the proper positioning for many joints and how to use incline push ups to build your strength up in case you don't have the strength to do them properly on the floor.


So like, this thing kinda blew up... Who knew push ups were so popular? I want to take this opportunity to say that if you are interested in more bodyweight exercises, I am the shirtless mod over at /r/bodyweightfitness and we have a full-body routine complete with warm up and progressions for anybody of any level:

  • The routine is hosted on our wiki, on the web at, and there's even an Android app of the routine on google play. (And guess what, they're both open source, too!)
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