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IamA a palaeontologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in the Canadian Badlands of Alberta specializing in extinct predators, which means I know important things, like which dinosaur would win in a fight. AMA!

UPDATE: I'm proud to announce that I just worked my first "Banana for scale" joke in this thread! (left one is the Jurassic Park version, middle one is a real raptor claw)

UPDATE: My colleague Dr. Don Henderson (Curator of Dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell museum) is helping me answer some of the questions. He'll be using my username as well, but he'll identify himself with "DMH" when he does.

UPDATE: questions are coming in like crazy! Hang in there with me and I'll answer as many as I can...

My name is Francois Therrien and I’m a professional paleontologist working out of the Dinosaur Capital of the World: Drumheller, Alberta in the Canadian badlands. I was part of the team that discovered and described the first feathered dinosaurs in North America, and through my studies, I’ve been able to demonstrate that the tyrannosaurus had the best-developed sense of smell of all meat-eating dinosaurs and the most powerful bite of all theropods. Now’s your chance to ask me anything you can think of about dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters (e.g. who could absolutely eat a Lambeosaurus for breakfast, lunch and dinner).


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My Bio:

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What should you absolutely not do at a wedding?

Feel free to post absurd answers and argue with others for no reason.

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