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IamA 21 year old male with a hormone disorder that started puberty 1 year ago. AMA!

I've done a few AMA's in the past but a few people wanted me to update every once in a while. 1 year ago I was prepubescent and was put on testosterone replacement therapy. My body and mind is still changing so I thought I would do another AMA if anyone is still interested.

here's a shot of my initial test results and the pills I used to take.

here a picture of how my body has changed if anyone is curious. I am a lot stronger but I've only put on 15kg.

also here's what my voice sounds like before the therapy and what my voice sounds like today:

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My boyfriend helped undo my braids

I thought about posting this on a sub dedicated to black women, but I think there are many positives to sharing an "ethnic experience" with a wider audience of women.

My hair is natural, thick, and kinky. Lately I've been wearing it in twists with extensions for an easy to manage protective hairstyle. It takes my hairstylist about 3 hours do.

After nearly two months, the twists get too fuzzy and I must remove the extensions one by one. This involves undoing and combing out each twist individually. My natural hair underneath will have residue from my scalp and hair products. I am very slow and it will often take me 4+ hours to do. It's tedious and strains the muscles in my arms, hands, and neck.

My boyfriend usually avoids this process. He thinks it's gross to see me looking like a wild woman with messy and dirty hair. I can't say I blame him. I wish I could avoid it too. Last night I came home from work dreading the all-nighter I would have to pull in order to have my hair undone and washed by the morning. To my complete surprise, my bf offered to help me undo my hair. It's not something that he's ever done or even seen in full in his life. He had to work early in the morning as well. "I'll sleep when I'm dead", he said. We put on a movie and got started. He was so gentle with me and surprisingly quick. He didn't complain once about my hair and scalp flakes going everywhere. Together we were able to finish the job by the end of the movie. What an incredible relief! I could've cried!

As a black woman, I find I am often so protective and somewhat secretive about my hair and the process that goes into maintaining it. Last night I let those walls down and experienced an intimacy with my partner that I never would have dreamed out. We fight like cats and dogs but his selflessness and love last night has had me on cloud nine all day.

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