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[UPDATE] I think my bank teller miscounted my cash deposit and credited me with an additional $1,000

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So I went into the bank first thing this morning. They were not aware of the error but because of the sum they told me they would do a hard count this morning. When they called me with the result it turns out that I was correct and they were missing $1,000.

Two factors contributed to the clerical error: first off, my teller had done several cash swaps with another teller that day so they assumed the $1,000 was missing in those transfers. The second factor was that she counted $6,090 but entered $6,900, then she realized the mistake and tried to fix it but the "69" was stuck in her memory, therefore she wrote down that I gave her 69 $100 bills plus several $20s and a $10.

This is a small town credit union so they don't have counting cameras. They were very grateful that I came in because not only would the teller have gotten in trouble, but the wrong teller would have gotten the blame because they assumed the problem was in teller #2's cash transfers. Actually, it sounds like they were willing to shrug it off, but I'd hate to see someone's career tarnished over something like this.

As of now everything is squared up, they removed the $1,000 from my account and I think everyone walks away with a little life lesson.

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