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Dad security
Dad security submitted by BojanM79 to funny
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IamA Waffle House Grill Operator AMA!

Mainly doing this because someone last night said I should.

I got called into work tonight, so I figured, why not?

I've been with Waffle House for 3.5 years, so I've seen a lot.

My Proof: []

Edit: Guys, the response to this has been way more than I anticipated.

Keep asking questions, I'll be here all night. If I don't answer immediately, im ya know, cooking.

Edit 2: I got gilded. Will link the user when I can, but Thank you!

Also, I'm struggling to Keep up with all the questions. Will answer as soon as I can guys. Sorry!

Edit 3: Again, sorry for the delay in answering. We got kinda busy. Im trying to catch up!

Edit 4: I caught up! You guys are awesome.

When I made this I expected barely any response. All of the comments have been awesome. Im still here, so Keep them coming!

/u/wbasc is who gilded one of my comments!

Edit 4.5: I am back! You guys are all incredible.

Let's Keep going until we get kicked out!

submitted by MrJacksEnigma to IAmA
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