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Domo Animation Challenge Winners Announced!
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Hello there, my name is R.A. Salvatore and I'm the author of many fantasy novels, including nearly three dozen set in the Forgotten Realms.

I'm here to talk about my upcoming book, "Archmage," Book 1 of Homecoming, but since it's not out yet and I have to be evasive or give out massive spoilers (and WotC's Black Helicopters are circling my house as I type), we can talk about whatever you want. Of course! It's your time.

I'll be spending all day tomorrow signing the hundreds of books from the e-signing, and finishing up the many sign and/or personalized books from (come on, you have to like that name!).

Here's the confirmation that it's really me...

So go ahead, Ask Me Anything...maybe I'll even answer.

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Ask Nina Hartley Anything: Sex, Politics and Sexual Politics. Plus Porn!

I'm that Nina Hartley. I've had enough sex to lose my fear of it, but not my respect for it. Nurse, educator, entertainer, Feminist, Kinkster, and more. Thirty-one year veteran of adult entertainment, author of "Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex." Check out my 38-Volume sex-ed series, the "Nina Hartley Guides," from adam&eve


EDIT: It's after six here and I gotta go. Thank you all SO much for posting such great questions!

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