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What's the best joke we can make, one word at a time?

So Based off all your great replies, /u/5-FINGER-CUNT-PUNCH has created a new subreddit for more team-jokes. /r/OneWordJokes.

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LPT: a Word file, is a zip in disguise.

Just rename your file from .docx to .zip and unzip. You will get a folder of all stuff inside the doc, like all the images and some crazy xml content.

As a web developer, my clients often send stuff for me to place on their website, mostly in a doc with dozens of pages with images. I got tired of saving every single image from the doc. Too many clickz. Much carpel tunnel.

This saves me a lot of time so I just had to share this awesome trick.

(Don't know what specific versions support this trick, I tested with word for mac 2011. I think it also works with Powerpoint files.)

Edit: Wow, this blew up! Let me express my feelings in a Haiku: I got reddit gold. Thank you all for the upvotes! I can die in peace.

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