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TIFU by being a gentleman for my mom

I don't usually open doors for anyone, but recently I've been trying to be more chivalrous because thats fucking awesome. What better way than opening the car door for my sweet mom? I park the car like a boss, turn it off like a light switch, get out like I'm about to finish, go to her door like a graceful gentleteen, and open it. What I saw was my portal to this world. She was in a dress, full on Commando. She didn't notice that I noticed, but I noticed that I noticed, and I didn't want to notice that I noticed. But I did. Now I'm scarred.

TL;DR: Spawn point located.



Some Q&A

Is she hot?  

She's my mom and I'm not into Wincest, sorry bros. (That's a no)


How's the trimmings?  

Didn't see it long enough to notice, and glad it's that way.


Continuing the Chivalry?  

Yeah, of course!


Also thanks for the laughs you guys provided, I hope you all have a great day!

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