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LPT: If your kids are sick and throwing up, and it is bedtime, give them a barf bucket and put a glow stick in it. That way it will be easier for them to find in the middle of the night.

Edit 1: Wow! Some interesting responses. The ones that really surprised me I can only attribute to either my wording, different social norms, or different parenting philosophies. I didn't think this needed a back-story, but I guess I was wrong:

My wife called me at work informing me of terrible cramping and flu-like symptoms. I left work immediately as we have three kids under five-years old. My wife was in the bathroom for hours and the kids were lethargic and ill as well. Without warning, one kid would throw-up, then the other, then the other. This went on throughout the afternoon and evening. When it got late, I tucked them in bed and made sure their tummies weren't upset (but, just as with the rest of the day while they were throwing-up, they told me they were fine). I gave them each a barf bucket in case they woke and immediately needed to throw up. As they are all under five, the use of the barf bucket was hit-or-miss... mostly miss; and neither one gave any warning of puke, it just rushed out of them. My kids don't like night lights - they complain they are too bright. I wanted them to be able to have the barf bucket just-in-case. So I thought to put a glow stick in their bucket so it would give them something to help find the bucket - plus they really liked the idea and felt it was special/cool. Just thought I'd share my idea.

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TIFU by being the smoothest motherfucker of all time.

I'm a guy in my 20s and I don't flirt. I'm not one of those guys who can come up and deliver a pick-up line with a straight face, or ask a girl out. I get way too embarrassed and blushy. For whatever reason, I have this irrational fear that someone should think I'm hitting on them.So I just don't flirt. EVER.

Anyways, I was staying with my mom for the weekend and she asked me to go get groceries for dinner, as she had just gotten back from work and was exhausted. I was happy to do it as she was buying. No big deal right? WRONG, BUT WHO COULD FORESEE WHAT WAS TO COME?

So I drive to the market, collect the groceries, and pretty soon I'm looking to check out. I get in the only checkout lane available and immediately see that the cashier is very...very pretty. Too pretty for me to handle. I quickly whip around in search of another lane open, but there were none. I gather myself and think,'YOU CAN DO THIS. DO IT FOR YOUR MOTHER.'

So accepting my fate, I strategize the most plain and standard transaction possible between her and me. 'Stick to what you know' I thought to myself.

Before long it was my time to shine. I presented her with my groceries for scanning and proceeded to fumble around with my wallet (this was pretty much the entire plan). All was going extremely well and we were even getting along with enthusiastic dialogue such as (her:) "Did you find everything ok?" and (me:) "Yes". Then she hit me with a question that, in my calculated strategy, I had forgotten to plan for...

"Do you have an express card with us that you'd like to use?"

"No, but I have a phone number for one" is what I found myself saying. It was an instinctive, reactionary response. I gave her my phone number while still absent-mindedly fiddling with my wallet.

A moment passed.

"...I'm sorry sir, that phone number isn't coming up in our system..."

My mind clicked. Not my phone number, my mom's phone number. My mother. My mothers credit card. I was about to present a woman's credit card after trying to get a discount with a wrong number. 'This looks really bad' I thought to myself.

So I turned to her, as casually as humanly possible, and said,"Oh, that's my cell phone number"

This pause was longer, so long I looked up, and in her face I saw the comprehension. In her mind, I just pulled the smoothest shit in the history of shit. I was the coolest of cool in her eyes: giving her my phone number in the slyest of ways. She started to smile and this is when I realized what I'd done. She looked at me realizing how cool I was and I looked at her realizing how cool she thought I was.

Obviously, like all smooth people, I freaked the fuck out.


I payed for the food and I got outta that store as fast as possible - leaving the cashier in a haze of confusion as I furiously fast walked away - destined never to be smooth again.

TL;DR: I gave the cashier the wrong phone number for an express card. She thought I was flirting and giving her my number. I freaked out.

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