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CISA, a privacy-invasive "cybersecurity" surveillance bill is back in Congress. We're the privacy activists trying to stop it. AMA

Hey Reddit,

The Senate may try to pass the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) before its summer recess. The zombie bill is a dangerous surveillance bill drafted by the Senate Intelligence Committee that is nearly-identical to CISPA due to its broad immunity clauses for companies, vague definitions, and aggressive spying powers.

Can you help us stop it? AMA

Answering questions today are: JaycoxEFF, nadia_k, drewaccess, NathanDavidWhite, neema_aclu, fightforthefuture, evanfftf, and astepanovich.

Proof it's us: EFF, Access, ACLU, Fight for the Future

You can read about why the bill is dangerous here. You can also find out more in this detailed chart (.pdf) comparing CISA to other bad cybersecurity bills.

Read the actual bill text here.

Take Action:

Visit the Stop Cyber Spying coalition website where you can fax your Senators and tell them to vote no on CISA.

Use a new tool developed by Fight for the Future to fax your lawmakers from the Internet. We want to make sure they get the message.

Help us spread the word. After you’ve taken action, tweet out why CISA must be stopped with the hashtag #StopCISA. Use the hashtag #FaxBigBrother if you want to automatically send a fax to your Senator opposing CISA. If you have a blog, join us by publishing a blog post this week about why you oppose CISA, and help us spread the word about the action tools at

For detailed analysis you can check out this blog post and this chart.

Edited to add links.

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