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They should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day and then just re-release the original.

Obligatory: "RIP my inbox" Seriously though, they should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day and then just re-release the original.

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Alfred Hitchcock's "memory of the camps" (very NSFW, NSFL)

These tapes are actual, real life footage of the discovery of Nazi concentration camps by British and American solders after the end of WW2. Alfred Hitchcock arranged them in the format that they were originally meant to be viewed.

*DISCLAIMER* What you are about to watch is extremely graphic, and includes depictions of actual death, starvation, suffering, and torture.

It is horrific.

Watch at your own risk.

Edit: spelling.

Update 1: Thank you for up voting this and promoting this video. I think it is very important that people see this, remember what happened, and honor those who died. I have read every one of your comments and you are all good people. Continue to show kindness to others online and off. Thanks again :)

Update 2: Video changed to 480p without subtitles. Thank you u/My_Penis_Huge here is the original video I posted with dutch subs:

Update 3: Some additional information about the film thanks to u/Khnagar: "Memory of the camps" is indeed Hitchock's documentary about the camps, but it was not "hidden from the public" for fourty years. After the war interest in the footage waned, there were plenty of similar documentaries around, and the footage used for "Memory of the camps" was available in various film archives and institutions, not at all hidden away. Hitchcock was involved with the documentary, but it was not his creation alone, and it seems that his involvement had mostly to do with how the material was structured. In 1980 someone discovered the old reels (though the sixth reel was missing), and it was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in 1984, and broadcast on American PBS in 1985. The youtube uploader seems to have ripped this from a 1993 VCD. I remember reading earlier this year that The Imperial War Museum is restoring the whole original movie, with the missing sixth reel, and it will be shown on the BBC in 2015, for the 70th anniversary for the liberation of Europe.

Update 4: WOW! Thanks for the gold!

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