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I hit a milestone today. I've officially saved $800 since March 3rd by not smoking.

Hi PF. I was a smoker for 7 years. Tried vaping, but it actually made my lungs feel even worse and gave me a chronic cough. Although it has worked magic for some of my friends. March 3rd I went cold turkey and have felt great ever since. I've been tracking my stats with an app called QuitNow!

Here are my stats as of today.

148 days without smoking.

Cigarettes not smoked, 2,379 (Every single day I'm shocked by how huge this number is)

Money saved: $832.65

Time saved: 9d, 21h, 55m (the app assumes 6 minutes per cigarette I believe)

Edit: I guess I misspoke. I just noticed that I passed $800 today. In reality it was a few days ago, but I'm experiencing the milestone today, haha.

edit2: all of these numbers assumed an average of 16 cigarettes per day at (I think) $6.50 per pack.

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