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TIFU by setting the wallpaper on a school computer to a picture of a sloth.

So this actually happened a few years ago but I want to share it any way. Kinda long, sorry.

When I was in high school I took a class on graphic design (photoshop'n'shit), and we used the computers in the school which always had the default school image loaded with a shitty green background, not much on the inspiration side of things. So, everyday when I would log on, I would change the wallpaper to get the creative juices flowing, and since Im a fan of sloths (who isnt?), I decided to set it to a picture of a sloth,Sloth Pic I used. All good, I get my work done, log off, and I leave a happy man.

Until about 2 hours later, when 2 of the vice principals (VP1, VP2) pull me out of my shop class and bring me to the office. I was asking what this was all about but they wouldn't say. So I'm sitting in a chair in the back room in the office when my graphic design teacher walks in, along with a police officer and the 2 vice principals from before. At this point im thinking "Shit Shit Shit! the fuck did I do now?!!", I'm sweating and I look nervous as fuck because who wouldn't be? After a what seemed like forever of them just staring at me, VP1 asks in a very angry tone, "So, you like Beavers!?" and VP2 says "Because we don't!". Now at this point I'm confused as all fuck, I have no clue what they are talking about. Im just sitting there staring at them with this blank look on my face. My Graphic design teacher was looking at me with probably the most disappointed look I have ever seen. I tell them I have no idea what they are talking about but they clearly didnt believe me because they started telling me that I could be expelled for this, and that I sent a girl (student) home in tears. They tell me that this kind of sexist behavior will not be tolerated and that I should be in counselling. I finally start to clue in as to what they are talking about and I ask them if this is all about the wallpaper I set this morning. They tell me yes and that this is very serious. I try to explain my self to these people but they aren't really believing me so I convinced them to show me this in person. We take a walk down to the class which was empty at the time, I log onto the computer and lo and behold, there is my beautiful screen saver but because of the size of monitor it had been cropped. This is what the wallpaper looked like. I actually start dying of laugher, partly because of relief but mostly because I realized their fuckup. They thought that the shoulder of the girl in the picture was a actually a crotch/womans vadge area and that the sloth was a beaver (since beaver can be used as slang for pussy). And when I logged out, since the machine was not shut down, the background remained for the next user who happened to be a very sensitive girl I guess. She was so offended that the police were called (a little extreme if you ask me). So im sitting there explaining my self and almost dying of laughter and I made sure to show them the full image. VP1 sighed and facepalmed and VP2 muttered "I dont have time for this crap" and walked out. I basically just got a stern talking to by my graphic design teacher about improper use of school computers and the whole thing was let go. I still laugh at this to this day.

TL;DR I set my wallpaper to a sloth but teacher thought it was a beaver-pussy picture. Almost got expelled when I was just trying to be creative.

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