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I am that dude that knocked out the tatted up jerk in 20 seconds. AMA!

I'm that guy who knocked out that tatted up jerk and made it to the front page of Reddit:

I've been a big time lurker here for 5+ years and now recently started posting. I am a professional MMA fighter, computer geek, and avid motorcycle rider. You could say I like doing what I like to do. My nationality is Vietnamese American from SOUTH DAKOTA and I am now chasing the dream Down Under! AMA!


EDIT: Holy crap, did not expect this to blow up and make it to the front page again. I need to buy a lotto ticket NOW! EDIT #2: Needed to add South Dakota to my bio. The state doesn't receive enough love.

EDIT #3: I love and have kittens named Tofu and Yuki! Don't break Reddit!:

EDIT #4: For the people asking what his response was after the fight, he said "I know he has skills but it was nothing but F***ing luck"

EDIT #5: Doing an AMA might have been a bad thing to start at 2AM in the morning. Need to catch some z's Reddit! I'll be back on in a few hours to answer some more questions. G'night or should I say G'Day!

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What would happen if we no longer segregated our public bathrooms by gender?

Holy hell this this exploded thanks for everyone who took the time to comment

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