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LPT: Another for Dog owners; This is a simple way I hydrate my pup on hot days before we leave the house.

Unless you have a superbly trained dog, asking them to drink water before you leave on a walk isn't exactly possible, and on a hot day they don't last very long.

So If I'm going out on a hike (hard to carry a lot of water), I'll give my dog a bowl of water with a 1/4 or 1/2 cup of low sodium Beef or Chicken Broth Stock

Dog chugs it down, we hit the trail and I can be have faith she isn't desperate for water as quickly as normal. This was actually recommended by her vet when she had dehydration from a stomach bug.

And then you get a happy dog!


  • OP learned much

  • Broth has Onion (bad for dogs)

  • Look for Stock not Broth

  • Make sure it's legitimately low/no salt.

  • Homemade stock is really easy to make with left over bones, and water. Then freeze for future use.

  • Be aware of dog Bloat, which could occur by drinking too much water before play

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My wife told me this in the car the other day. Thought you might enjoy!

Wife: I can't believe they're still together after all that shit.

Me: Who?

Wife: My butt cheeks.

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