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ELI5: Why can't you cut all the wires in a bomb to prevent it from detonating?

I mean, in theory, if you cut all the wires at once you stop the electric flow to signal the detonation. Why don't they show it like that in the movies? Why would this not be possible?

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TIFU by not knowing how to do my damn job.

This literally JUST happened. I have time stamps to prove it. And no, I'm not using a throwaway because fuck it all. I'm angry about it. This is also the short version and I'm gonna be leaving out a few technical details.

So I'm a 911 dispatcher. I just started at a new agency in the middle of July. I had three years experience before starting here, so this place decided I don't need any official training. Wellllll.....they're so wrong.

About an hour ago a poor old lady called 911 wanting an ambulance for her husband because he isn't feeling well. No problem. Wait. They're way out in the country where jurisidictions get hinky. Welp. So I'm looking at my map and it's telling me which ambulance I'm supposed to send. Easy right? NOPE. No one EVER showed me how to page that specific crew. Oh, and there's no instructions written ANYWHERE that tells me how. So I guess. I find the "correct" speed dial button on my phone and dial. Problem there is that THE DAMN BUTTON IS MISLABELED! Cool, so they call back and say "Nope. Not our area". Oooookay.

So I try sending the next closest ambulance. They say "hey isn't that [agency]'s territory?". Sure is but I've failed in paging them. Alright well they said they would go. this time it's been 25 minutes. Poor woman calls back and says "husband is feeling better. We're gonna go in the car".

I'm really glad (and lucky) it wasn't something more serious. I could have killed that man.

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