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[Mod Post] The timer

As many of you now know, AskReddit shut down briefly in protest of some on-going issues of mod-admin relations and lack of improvement of moderation tools. While many have been quick to jump on Ellen Pao as the source of the shutdown, it is important to remember that we were protesting issues that have been in discussion for several years.

To see a full explanation of some of the issues at hand, we have created a wiki with more information. In short though, the admins have responded and informed us that they plan to work on many of the things we are asking for. In the spirit of cooperation and hoping to have a positive relationship moving forward, we decided to reopen the subreddit and give them the chance to do as they promised. However, as these are things we have been requesting for several years, we want to make sure that the admins are held to their word this time.

As such, we will keep a reminder in the top corner of the subreddit so that users, mods and admins remain aware of the commitment made by the admins. We genuinely hope that we can go back to the positive working relationship we are sure both sides desire.

You can read more here. Thanks for all your support.

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