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What is a scam that nearly everybody has fallen for?

I don't have any stories myself, but I would love to hear if anyone else has any!

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Hey it's Flea, bassist and co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm also acting in and executive producer of the new movie LOW DOWN, which is now in theaters in New York and opens in Los Angeles this Friday. We'll hit a bunch more cities later in November.

You can find the trailer and more info about Low Down here:

Victoria's going to be helping me out. AMA.

edit: I'd just like to thank everybody for being with me this afternoon. And I really hope that people have the opportunity to see the movie LOW DOWN. It is a deep experience to see this film. And that's really what i want to say today.

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cakeday update/story +270lbs-138lbs, 5'5"-5'6", 26 F +9 months lifting, loose skin documentation, progress

So I posted this on r/loseit and r/fitness

Today is my cake day and I thought I would reflect on what made me create this account in the first place, two years ago. I had reached my halfway point in my weight-loss journey, back when my goal weight was 150 lbs.

Here is a picture of me at my highest weight. I was 9 months pregnant (though you would never be able to tell) with my daughter. I don't know what my weight was at. I wouldn't let the doctor tell me anymore, but I'd guess I was at or close to around 300 lbs, at 5'5”

3 months after I gave birth to my daughter I weighed in at 270 lbs. Here is the picture someone took of me that made me realize I had to get my shit together.

I'll go into it more if people are curious (though I didn't want to focus on it too much with the initial post) but I lost 110 lbs through mild cardio and calorie counting, and somewhere along the way developed bulimia and had to be hospitalized and almost died. When I got out of the hospital I was too afraid to diet and exercise. I was the only parent my daughter had, and I was afraid she would become an orphan. So instead of dieting or just being normal and healthy, I went back to my over-eating ways and a year later, this was me all over again.

So after a year being recovered, I worked with my therapist and doctors and started losing weight again. This time the right way. The first 60 lbs I lost was just through calorie counting (this as when I made my reddit account). Then I did 20-30 min of cardio 2-4 times a week, mostly walking. Then I started swimming. Then biking. Then running. I was vegetarian for a while. Then vegan. Then I did Keto a little, then I did maybe 5-6 other things I can't remember anymore. All the while I always counted calories. These days I pretty much just count calories and try and get around 100 g of protein a day and that’s pretty much it. I started lifting weights a little over nine months ago, and this is my progress from month 0-6 (though the before picture is from a year before I started lifting) and here is a picture taken of me at 9 months of lifting (though I don't see much of a difference between 6 and 9 months, even though my strength has gone up.)

My one rep max lifts are

Bench – 110 lbs Dead-Lift – 190 lbs Squat – 200 lbs (at parallel)

WARNING: If loose skin grosses you out, you might not want to click on the next two links

Here is an album of my “muscles” from 6 months of weight lifting. I also documented my loose skin retraction on my midsection (just because SO MANY people had questions about it and there is hardly any information out there)

I have not lost weight in over 18 months, but have gone from a size 8 to a size 4 due to the strength training. I am currently at 138 lbs at 5'6”. Guess what? I GREW AN INCH. My doctor told me that he often sees people get taller as they lose large amounts of weight because their spine becomes less compressed. Crazy right? My shoe size also went down.

I still eventually want to hit my new goal weight of 130, but obviously I'm in no hurry to get there. I have a really bad shoulder that I have dislocated dozens of times and am now looking to get surgery to fix it, and the doc says I might not be able to lift for 6 months because of it. This is something I have cried about multiple times in the past 2 weeks.

Anyway, that's me in all my raw glory. I'm proud of myself. Excited to see where I am next cake-day. Here's some random extra pictures.

EDIT: Aww shit, obligatory "thanks for the gold" edit. Thanks guys, you all are so amazing. You made my night.

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